Eric’s aquaponics

I came across this video recently and I thought it was such a good story I would share. This is the work of Eric and his company Kijani Grows. I love Eric’s attitude; he definitely deserves to have his cause spread and appreciated. This gardening system is almost totally autonomous and powered by the cheap and available microprocessor, the Arduino (I am documenting my own efforts with using the Arduino under the Electronics tab above).

What’s more, Eric’s garden talks back. As described in the video, it has its own URL and is capable of communicating its needs and errors. You can actually follow his garden on Twitter as it reports @kijanigrows. Ok, it’s not the most thrilling of tweets but I would love to get more people to directly support Eric.


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2 Responses to Eric’s aquaponics

  1. usermattw says:

    Oh, hey, that’s just across the Bay from me! I’ll have to look for it next time I’m riding by on that train. 🙂 Cool stuff.

  2. Small world! You should go over there and tell him that there is a guy in England who thinks he is awesome.

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